In Austin, TX for South by Southwest Education Conference, Interactive, and Music & Film Festivals. And I am excited! I ‘ve picked up few apps to help out over the next two weeks. The obvious ones of course are the SXSWedu & SXSW Mobile apps. Austin Food Carts helps you track down any of the great food carts the city has to offer. RideScout will help you made use of the multitude of transportation options.

Early restaurant recommendations Easy Tiger Bake Shop & Beer Garden and Annie’s Café and Bar.

Get your own shortener for all your projects

I just created my own url shortener using YOURLS.  Its just as easy as setting up a WordPress site and with the WordPress Plugin easily post your posts directly to twitter.

Fail: Proud new owner of Brazilian Government Agency

I approved a new LinkedIn contact today, then took a look at my profile.  Much to my surprise I found out I was now the owner of a Brazilian Government Agency.

Delicious’ passing … new options arise

With the news of Delicious’ demise, some of the alternatives I have found have an interesting take on collecting links an present them with more curated feel.  Although there is always a place for a good tag cloud.  I think this much more potential as tool for event or topic tracking.  I use delicious as a tool in education to provide one link for all supporting material for workshops and show faculty how to use it in their own classes.  Check out these examples using’s new bundles and

Back on grid… this home remedy really works

After leaving my cell phone out in the rain all night Tuesday I thought I would be shelling out for a new phone but thanks to these sites my phone has new life and I am once again connected to the rest of the world.  I had first read about this in Popular Mechanics.  And with that loged in the back of my mind I did a search and found this wikiHow article.

Audio Blog Demonstration

We are here at NPACT3CS(?) and I am showing the use of Jott. listen

Powered by Jott

Mobile video demonstration

3cs mobile video demostration during my Million ways to blog session