If you haven’t notice yet U2’s Bono has started (red) which spawned product (red). This campaign colors all america’s over priced merchandise red tells you it’s sexy, I’ll get to this in second, and tells you that you are doing good for the world. And in turn you can feel great about yourself and let everyone else know how great you feel about yourself. Not only that but let everyone know how sexy you are. Check out GAP’s campaign. Oh and don’t forget to tell them how bad they should feel for not wearing red. Now don’t get me wrong this a great way to con a bunch of self-centered brats to giving to a good cause and to spread broader awareness. But please don’t get all warm and cuddly about these big brand companies who give half of their profits, keyword there is profits people not half. These companies have a million ways to measure production costs include all the wonderful ads. Also, don’t forget how much more money they are going to make with the jump in sales and free word of mouth advertising. So, if you want to feel good but don’t want to pay GAP for their crappy T-shirt or brag to rest of world and rather donate 100% of your money. Then go to where they are sending the money they drum up The Global Fund and donate direct. Oh, finally the point of the title of this article I find it humorous that they are using the cause of AIDS, sex.. granted unprotected, to raise money to defeat it over there. Which could potentially spread it over here, granted highly unlikely and have no data to back that up just one and one makes two. I mean think about it red is the color of lust all the red products they going be selling. You think somewhere in america somebody in a night club isn’t going to catch some ones eye. One thing leads to another and … Think about it.

P.S. You don’t have to sell designer merchandise or sex to make a campaign like this work look what the LiveStrong campaign was able to do with nothing but yellow band.

P.S.S. This article was brought on by the great Sprint ad with Ron Livingston. Smart. So by all means if you are buying an iPod or Razr any ways buy the red one and don’t let my snide remarks influence your purchase. I won’t think less of you honest.

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