Two Week Hodge Podge

Ugh, I can’t believe it has been two weeks plus already. First, week I got a nasty case of the flu or some other virus. The next was just insanely busy. In the middle the annual horse shoe Tournament at Calfin’s Restaurant (Lavery’s Corner, Rt 98 & 6N). Thats right horse shoe tournament in the middle of February. I think this was the 14th year. It would have made a great first episode for iPeatVB (more on this later). However it snuck up on me and I don’t have any of my equipment ready yet. Plus my brother needed an extra man for their team. We were not to successful but fun was had by all (I always wanted to say that). I think it is pretty safe to say If your idea of a good time is to play horse shoes in 30 degree weather in the rain you might be a redneck.

All you good Catholics out there probably also notice that Mardi Gras and Ash Wednesday has come and gone. This commences for me the only time of year in which it is ok to eat at McDs. Thats right during this time of fasting is the only time I will eat at the glutton’s paradise. Why you ask? Because of two Filet-o-fish and a Shamrock Shake. The glorious all glorious, Greatest McDonald’s creations of all time the Shamrock Shake. To my surprise though we in northwest PA are but a lucky minority. In my attempt to see if these seasonal treats where available, McDonalds does not even admit to selling the Shamrock Shake in the US. As I researched further I came upon a stunning tale of whoa. read for yourself and feel lucky you live in Erie County

Listening to the Science Friday Podcast this week and their story about the shrinking ice cap, one thought came to my head Panama has to be shitting itself. If the long searched for Northwest passage opens up far fewer ships are going to be sailing through the locks. Especially as they continue to build bigger and bigger ships.

A new, well not often heard, interesting perspective on western civilization, those that oppose western civilization, and the war was heard on “The Blog Week in Review” this week. If you are not a frequenter of Pajamas Media and/or don’t listen to Blog Week in Review I highly suggest checking out both as well as specifically this week’s guest Victor Davis Hanson he definitely made me rethink some things.

Finally, did anyone else find incredibly humorous yesterday on the Dan Patrick Show every time Reggie Miller called Dan Patrick “Daniel” in that motherly voice. I was laughing my ass off.


P.S. Oh the iPeatVB alluded to above is the next venture I am working toward. And if you have followed any of the Amanda Congdon projects you are well aware that TV is a dirty word in the world of blogging, but Video Blog or Blogger is just to much of a mouthful so hence I will be bringing you iPeatVB. A wiki will be going up shortly to gather ideas past the first several episodes I have mapped out in my brain. Say tuned. (wow I guess that phrase is going to have to change to now that we aren’t tuning anything nor are we staying having it delivered directly and reading, listening, watching whenever we please.)

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