WP – Category Visibility Plugin for 2.3.x

UPDATE : Richard Hamilton has begun developing the plugin again and has a beta for 2.8.x available

I was using Category Visibility plugin created by Rich Hamilton – Run Your Own Website. When he ended support for WordPress v. 2.3.x. I then started work on fixing the patched version offered by Projekt Seven, formerly www.tastycornbread.com, who had took the work done by Rich and made the List functionality operable. When his site disappeared I decided to make my improvements available to the world. Enjoy!!

The main purpose of this plugin, as I see it, is to give more control over what categories are seen and where. It is highly usefully in using WordPress as a CMS (Content Management System.) Especially if a non-technical person is doing the content management. It works wonders in tandem with the Event Calendar plugin.

Unchecking “Front” and “List” keeps the calendar posts off the home page, and the listing off the sidebar. Since the event calendar is already in the sidebar this would just be a duplication of content.

This version was created with WordPress 2.3 specifically in mind. If using previous version please visit my predecessors Category Visibility (Keith McDuffee) which was written for WordPress 1.5 and ‘Category Visibility’ Plugin for WordPress 2.0.x (Rich Hamilton).


  1. Simply download and unzip it.
  2. Put it in your plugins directory.
  3. Activate it.
  4. Go to “Manage (Posts, 2.7),” “Category Visibility” to see the visibility settings for all categories. the options are
    • Front: Posts show up on the main (home) page.
    • List: Categories that will show up in the List of categories in the sidebar.
    • Search: Posts show up in search results.
    • Feed: Posts show up in the main RSS/Atom feed.
    • Archive: Posts show up in archive links (i.e., clicking on the calendar links)

    Everything is checked to show up by default.

When you have a category to exclude from the front page, or the sidebar, etc., go to “Manage,” “Category Visibility,” and unselect the areas where you want the category to disappear.

This method is not designed as a security device, only as a display method. A guest can still access a post by post number.


Category Visibility Plugin

Latest version, WP 2.3.x: Ver. 1.0.8.


  • 2.7 compatibility

Working on for version 2:

  • Separate Link, Post, and Tag Administration
  • WP 2.5 2.7 adaptation
  • Creating Tags administration to work in tandem with WikiLinks plugin
  • Add security element in tandem with WpDirAuth plugin

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  1. I don’t know if you’re still updating this plugin, but it seems to break in the newest version of WordPress. All categories show up on the main page, but if you try to view individual categories they don’t show up. I hope you are able to update this plugin, it’s a great one.

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