Google Hangout First Attempt #etmooc

I tried my hand at a Google Hangout for the first time today, which turned into an exercise of futility. However in the end I end up with a half way decent vlog. The general idea of the Hangout, outlined in my previous blog entry, was to offer some tips and strategies for working through the MOOC as well as hear what other were doing. Pretty simple idea really.

What I discussed:

It isn’t pretty, but it’s not awful for first attempt either:

A few takeaways from this experience, first I should have put out another reminder this morning earlier than I had. It looks like I had some interest, but the event was already over. Second Google’s products seem to trip on each other first I couldn’t add the events to the event section of the community because the community is larger that the number of people you can invite to an event. Also, when you create a Google Hangout event and not just click the Google Hangout button it skips the step that allows you to do the live stream on YouTube. To do the Hangout properly it is going to take a second screen because when I did a screen share I couldn’t tell what was going on in the Hangout. For next time I think I’ll create a On Air Event to act as a backchannel and then start the Hangout from there.

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