Catch 22

Book cover for Catch 22Read this for the first time earlier this year. The insane world of war as seen through the eyes of Yossarian had my mind doing back flips trying to follow all the different story lines to one of the more enjoyable reads I have had. I highly recommend it. Morning Edition’s Lynn Neary revisited the book last Thursday as it turn 50 years old:

When Catch-22 was first released, it wasn’t universally well-received. Until then, books about war tended to be serious works, often tragic in tone. Heller’s war was a black comedy, filled with orders from above that made no sense and characters who just wanted to stay alive. The novel seemed to offend some reviewers. The New York Times called it an “emotional hodgepodge.” But other critics took on the book as a cause.

‘Catch-22’: A Paradox Turns 50 And Still Rings True

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