Category Visibility Plugin v1.0.8 now available

I have update the current version of CatVis for 2.7 compatibility.  Previously mentioned updates are still planned for ver. 2. I am in the process of moving to a new city and job so version 2 may take longer than originally planned.  Other changes you will notice in this update is that I have stripped link categories and tags. Some of you will really appreciate this some may hate me. The plan is to bring both back in version 2 properly located within the new structure. Please continue to give me feedback.

Category Visibility Plugin

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  1. I am unable to configure the plugin to only show posts for users with a user level above the specified number. The rest of the plugin works great, but this feature is the one that I really need.

    My wife is using this as a journal and only wants those with a user level of 10 to see any of the posts unless it is in a certain category. However, All users can see all posts, no matter what the user level is unless I uncheck the front page checkbox. Doing this, however, also disallows the admin from seeing them on the front page.

    This only seems to be a problem with the actual posts. The categories section, archives, and search all work correctly.

    I am using wordpress v2.7

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