And the people rejoice

As you all know the release of WordPress 2.5.1 has exposed a new bug in my Category Visibility plugin.  It causes the home page to show no results.  Sometimes you need to just step away from the code for a while and then when you come back the answer is so obvious it smacks you right in the face.  The culprit seems to be some left over code from my predecessors that did a check on the query variables before passing to the is_home join.  So the problem was not in the where but the join portion of the code. I haven’t yet tested older systems but it seems to work well with 2.5.1.  In this process I found 3 additional bugs so a more fleshed out version will be available soon.  However, I thought you all want your front pages back first.

2 Replies to “And the people rejoice”

  1. Thanks for keeping up the work on this plugin – it makes things so much easier to manage.

    Two observations that are hopefully useful:

    1) Your new plugin version used together with WP 2.5.0 causes post in invisible categories to be visible on the front page when not logged in.

    2) When using your original version of the plugin with either WP 2.3.3 or 2.5.0, any post can be viewed by going directly to the post URL and all post can be found using the notation of the URL. I am not quite sure whether that is a bug or a feature?!

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