Category Visibility Update

Franken CatVis SimpEx plugin

Temporary relief is here in the form of a mashup up of Simple Exclude by Paul Menard  and the List feature of Category Visibility by iPeat.  This is not an official release. Those of you who are brave enough, can try this out until either Paul or I can come up with a plugin answers all your needs.

  • I have been trying to figure out what changed from 2.5 to 2.5.1 that has caused my where clause on the home/ main page to break  with little results.  In that time I have found the Simple exclude Plugin by Paul Menard, it accomplish most of the same goals with a very different method.
  • To fill the hole that it misses I have mashed in part of my plugin.
  • In doing so have found about 3 additional bugs in both mine plugin and his mainly having to do with categories and archives. Plus the absences of managing the Link Categories.

So I post this Alpha Plugin To help you get by

To install please follow these steps:

  1. Reactivate Category Visibility if you have deactivated it.
  2. Make sure all categories have been checked.
  3. Deactivate Category Visibility.
  4. Activate the Frankenstein Plugin.
  5. List Category Visibilty can be found under Manage.
  6. Simple Exclude can be found under Settings.

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  1. i’m waiting for your new Category Visibility plugin for wp. 2.5.1. Category Visibility is great. Simple Exclude don’t works ok with my other plugins. Sorry for my bad english.

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