Category Visibility Bug with the release of WP 2.5.1

The release of WordPress 2.5.1 has exposed a new bug in my Category Visibility plugin.  It causes the home page to show no results.  I have narrowed it down to the home where clause but haven’t figured out what is causing it yet. The rest of the plugin’s functionalities seem to be working fine so if you have upgraded and don’t use the front page functionality or don’t want to sacrifice the rest of the plugins functionality by deactivating it.  Simply make this change to the plugin and I will keep working on a fix to bring back the Front page functionality.

Change Lines 279 and 280 to:
//$where .= ” AND ($wpdb->term_taxonomy.taxonomy=’category’)”;
//$where .= ” AND (($cat_visibility.front=1 AND $lc”;

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  1. this is quick:)
    unfortunately i’m using the front page function. hopefully the bug can be found soon!
    thank you!

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