Alopecia Areata

Why that is all I have to say.

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  1. How young did this happen to you and how sudden did the patch appear. My son has a diagnosis of AA but you can not tell right now. I noticed it in mid-June. He was seen by our pediatrician in July and a Dermatologist in August.

    I am trying to understand the progression. Any help would be appreciated. Also, you may want to try onion juice twice a day. I read about it on the net and while it sounds crazy, it is certainly better than steroids, shots in the head, etc.

  2. I was 28. It wasn’t a formal diagnostic. But my dad had it. From what I read its causes are basically hereditary and stress. Also, that in most cases, depending on age, it would grow back. So with it on the back of my head and I am not that vain, I did not bother with any kind of treatment at this stage it has grown back with light white hair. My family thinks I should color it; I really don’t care.

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