One of my cohorts at work is one of those very inspiring people that tends to motivate anyone that he comes in contact with. And lately he has come up with this quote that is very true for me right now.

Vision with Action is a Dream come true; Vision without Action is a Nightmare

And everyday I think up a new thing that Erie needs, a new goal I want to accomplish, a new business plan that is sure to succeed, or a piece I like to create. By the end of each day I am right were I started and nothing has been accomplished.  I am so busy with my visions that they are becoming my nightmares.  At the bloggers meeting, someone asked want kind of blog is missing basically want does Erie need.  As usual I started spouting off all my ideas and he stop me to say than do it.  Of course, I came back with the lame excuse of not enough time. The more I thought about it though I have found that the time is there I just have to apply some action to one or two of my visions and not let the whole of them become my nightmare.

BTW… The Blogger’s meetup was at Pio’s Italian Resturaunt on the East side; very good food.

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