Is this a movie or am I dreaming

If you haven’t been paying attention the Colorado Rockies have made it to the World Series on a winning streak, 21 of the last 22 games, that makes you feel like you are watching a movie. What is their secret do they have a tyrant owner trying to sell the team to warmer climates or maybe an orphan kid is seeing some heavenly beings lending the Rockies a hand so that he can be with his dad again. What ever it is they have not been getting the attention the usual under dog gets. This is something you normally only get in the movies yet no one seems to care. Which puzzles me because America usually loves the underdog. Plus this is an obvious sign of league parity that baseball has been trying to accomplish. Parity gets attributed to the success of the NFL, NCAA tournament, and NASCAR all the time. But it seems whenever analysts talk about any of the lower rung sports NHL NBA MLB and one of the big markets aren’t involved all of a sudden there isn’t any national interest. Why then has MLB been working toward league parity if the nation loses interest when the yankees are involved? I think this all just cover up of a greater loss of interest in baseball.


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