Moving forward

Ok so couple days ago I blogged about my current malaise and the current disorder I am currently living in. For someone that prefers organization and structure, it has been quite annoying. This has been an on and off again thing now for three years or since I moved out and bought my own place. So, I decided that it has gone on long enough and decided to get some professional assistance ( like my choice of words there, I am big one for denial .)  After the first session, they seem to be of the same state of mind that I may have ADD.  The book that mentioned the last posting seems to indicate the same.  Organizing Solutions for People with Attention Deficit Disorder has some excellent ideas and I would highly recommend it to anyone that has organizational issue regardless of whether you have ADD or not.  The first thing suggested by the book and my professional assistance is to de-clutter or more specifically simplify and take away the number of options I have to think about.

I figure the most effective way to de-clutter will be to sell my house all together.  I have been leaning toward this anyways because the drive up to Erie everyday has become quite tiresome.  So, this Monday I am going to start throwing stuff away rather than pack.  And as I post about reorganizing my life, I will also post about the process of fixing up and selling my condo similar Mike’s Roof on Fire blog but in reverse.

This weekend though I will be kayaking down the Allegheny. So, check back Monday for river pictures and progress.


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