I haven’t posted anything in a while for a number of reasons but mainly because I have been having major mood swings some awesome highs and enjoyment to utter depression or just numb uncertainty and confusion. I started this most recent blog with the intention of actually moving forward with some of my ideas and a clear focus. Instead it has been the same general hodge podge I was posting before. I am going insane I can’t seem to stay focused on anything. Since my weekends have been pretty much filled lately ( and have throughly enjoyed them; it seems like the only time I am happy) and will continue to be, I have lost my usual catch up time. The result has been my house is a complete wreck, I desperately need to go grocery shopping, I have no idea where my finances sit (I am usually quite anal about this), and for the first time it is starting to effect my work. Tuesday morning I think I sat and stared at my computer screen for a good two hours because I just couldn’t think straight.

Reading over this, it sounds much more dramatic that it actually is. It is just a recent thing two weeks ago I was fine, but it seems to be reoccurring. I keep falling into these malaises, I shake myself out of it, it will last for a couple days than I’ll slowly slip right back into it without even realizing it. I have been reading this organizational book for people with ADD and while I am not sure that I have ADD it seems to have hit a lot of nails on the head. I’ll write some more on this tonight. While I hadn’t envisioned this originally I think I am going to focus my next series of post to getting out of my funk. Hopefully by doing this it will help me keep with it. At that lunch is over, so back to work I must go.


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  1. i’ve been going through something similar for awhile too. right now i’m chalking it up to being so busy (5 websites, a wedding, and many other non-work related things). it’s tough getting through it, but taking small steps at first is a big helper. and staring at the computer for an hour or so isn’t that bad of a thing… we all need that down-time once in awhile.

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