A Few Words on VT

A lot of bloggers like to comment on whatever is the hot topic in the news for various reasons; I do not. I typically try to stay way from topics like this because I feel that there are already enough people covering it much better than I ever could. That said, please consider the following.

I have been appalled at the initial coverage from many of the media outlets. They must still be hung over on all the Republican scandals. The first day of coverage, in which they didn’t even know the name of the shooter. They where already trying to crucify anyone related to situation. Not closing the campus, no mass email to the student, slow response by the police. I am sorry but sometimes tragic things happen and trying to blame anyone but the lunatic who did the shooting is just plain uncalled for. They are doing the best they can to protect the students with smallest amount of intrusion and I am sure if they could go back and do something different they would. Right now everyone involved has to concentrate on the matters at hand like the rest of the students of Virginia Tech, the parents of the departed, and figuring out all the details of the case. Then once things have settled back down they can look back and see how the problems of the young man could have been better handled, how to better inform students of campus concerns, etc. But no, the media likes to live in the world of perfection using their 20/20 hind sight vision to scrutinize, criticize and blame. The thing to do is to learn from this tragedy and take steps to insure, to the best of their ability, that something like this doesn’t happen again. One coverage I found very informative without the typical blame game was ABC’s Nightline.

The second part of this is the inevitable discussion of gun control and the radical idiots from both sides of this debate. In light of the recent events in which both guns were obtained legally. The current gun control measures obviously are not good enough. Seeing how a mentally unstable person can buy a weapon with no questions asked. That said stupid knee jerk reaction type legislation like the current PA House Bill 760, will do nothing but penalize law abiding citizens and further polarize the issue.


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