No Ring, Small Cars, iPod Dilemma

Yesterday on Salisbury and Rosenbloom, they discussed an article on, Top 10 Athletes Without Championships. And of course on the top of the list my favorite football player Dan Marino. Of course this spurred the discussion of who should have been on the list included on the list were Charles Barkley and Karl Malone. Left of the list NBA stars John Stockton and Patrick Ewing. I think I know why I dislike the NBA so much now none of my favorite teams or players ever won a championship. Other names I think they left off Dan Fouts and Fran Tarkenton.

GM to preview a trio smaller designs at the New York Auto Show this coming week.

GM’s bread-and-butter Chevrolet division will unveil the three Korean-designed minis—named the Trax, the Beat, and the Groove—in a play to prove that it can make stylish, fuel-efficient cars just like Honda (HMC) and Toyota (TM). The big picture for these small cars: Chevy wants to show that its brand stands for more than just trucks like the brawny Silverado pickup and gas-guzzling Suburban. Business Week

I don’t mind small; I just don’t want to see another round of 80s bland boxes.

A previous co-worker of mine just recently purchased his first iPod. He bought the all out 60 GB version. Two days ago I got a call from him while driving home. Let me just say his experience thus far has been anything but enjoyable. Upon receiving his iPod, he installed iTunes on his Gateway laptop (not going there.. yet). He had been previously using Windows Media Player. Loaded all his music into iTunes and began the long painful task cleaning up his music library, downloading album art, and inserting album artist to get around the featuring issue that crops with the mainly hip hop music he listens to. Much to his astonishment on the iPod when he went to select his favorite artist he got not one but many tupacs.
This surprised me as well seeing how I have a nano, my entire music collection won’t fit. I use a sophisticated system of genre and rating based smart playlist and live my life on shuffle. Hence going to find music by artist would be pointless because I never know who maybe on my ipod at any given time.
Back to the story though to make things worse if he open media player it would screw up changes he had made in iTunes because they were still sharing the same files. To solve his artist issue he began the tedious task removing any featuring artist form the artist field in his some 4800 songs. About when he got half way through the hard drive on the gateway decided to crap out. That is Gateway equipment for you. So then he tried installing iTunes on his desktop. iTunes’ typical install searches your entire computer for music well he had his external hard drive plugged in as well and it pulled in everyone of his songs twice, those on the desktop and his backup on the external drive. Now is that an ordeal or what? He is on his way now but I just can’t believe that Apple hasn’t enabled the ability to add album artist on the iPod. It just seems so obvious.


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