No, you read that right, twatter. AKA twitter chatter. I got my first dose of it today. This is were twitter goes from a simple posting mechanism to full out chat using the @ symbol so all the readers know who the message is directed to. The problem lies in if you don’t have the other person in your follow list then you only see half the conversation. and your phone vibrates every two seconds with someone else’s conversation. The plus you don’t need to remember or have your friends numbers in your phone and your other friends can butt in with their 2 cents. Another angle on this though has to be Verizon. After a couple weeks of this my guess is that unlimited message cost goes up.


P.S. Or maybe… chitter I guess some things don’t like the other connotation of twat.

P.S.S. This is like one giant 21st century chat room only you never leave and only see those you call friends

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