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Van Gundy has suggested that to solve the non-problem of teams dumping games to get more balls the lottery system, that all NBA teams should be entered into the lottery with equal amount of balls.

“I think every team should have an equal chance at winning the lottery, from the best team all the way down,” Van Gundy said. “I don’t want to accuse anyone of anything. I would say to take away any possible conflict of interest, everyone should have an equal chance at the top pick all the way down. That way there would be absolutely no question by anybody about anything.

“If it’s better for the game, they should do it. I never quite understood why losing is rewarded, other than (for) parity.” Houston Chronicle

What? The NBA already sucks (granted the latest in fusion of talent has helped). The season is too long, too many teams make the playoffs, and lottery system is just plain stupid. The reason the NFL draft gets so much attention is one it is america favorite sport but more importantly we haven’t had any football for two and a half months and then not again until August. The NBA holds its breathe for all of what three months. It is like they say lets take a look at what the NFL has done to be successful and do the exact opposite. The NFL takes four less teams to the playoffs and has two more teams than the NBA yet no one mentions NFL teams dumping games. Instead of putting balls in a lottery system, cut the playoff teams in half that would make the entire season more interesting, give the playoff teams a rest and do a one and done draft tournament with the remaining 22 teams the lower ranks get byes and home court advantage it would be like the NBA NIT.

ESPN has announced that Joe Theismann is out and Ron Jaworski is in as Monday Night Football Announcer. Thank God I don’t know what ESPN’s previous obsession with Theismann has been. His commentary rarely makes sense and I am tried about hearing about his injury. I don’t mean to be cold it was a tragedy and one of the most gruesome events on NFL films, but I don’t need to hear about it every week. Jaworski on the hand is always insightful, does his research, and actually thinks before he speaks. It will be nice to actually have someone who knows what they are talking about on the MNF crew. Jaws says it best

“I’m an ‘Xs-and-Os’ guy. I love breaking down the game. I love the strategy of the game,” Jaworski said in a conference call. “That’s the beauty of what I will bring to the table is that insight of ‘Xs and Os.'” ESPN

This week Roger Federer lost to same player two tournament in a row for the first time since Nadal and after tossing out some racist trash Serena Williams made mince meat of Maria Sharapova. Was going to write more but I am tired this is a pretty good rundown. Scotsman


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