Did Sprint make Bono mad?

About a month ago I saw a Sprint commercial with Ron Livingston promoting their Product(red) Razr. This inspired me write about the Product(red) Campaign. Ever since then I have neither seen the ad again nor have I been able to find the ad online. I didn’t think much off it until today when I read this blog chastising the creators of the commercial.

…I am sure that the delivery leaves a lot to be desired here but to boil it down, Sprint has decided that their customers are so shallow and self-centered there is a good chance they would rather care that the phone is red rather than helping children with AIDS.

Did I miss a memo? Did I have a stroke and no one told me? When the advertising industry decide that insulting their customers is a good idea? Maybe it is that I saw this ad so shortly after the kissing mechanics Superbowl Snickers ad that showed two auto mechanics accidentally kissing while eating the same candy bar and then ripping out some chest hair to do something “manly.”. How can Snickers watch that ad and not think that Joe small-brain male American would not be turned off by the sight of two men kissing? And then how did they think that gay Americans wouldn’t be pissed off at having that act be portrayed in such a negative light? They managed to piss off all of their customers – so who are they trying to sell to?…
Stephen Gates, Sprint decides screwing up their brand isn’t enough

That got me thinking maybe Bono and the Product(red) group were none to happy with the people at Sprint. Also, that my first article wasn’t to far off the mark. So, they are fine with the fact that sex sells but don’t tell the world that is what you are doing they might get insulted.


P.S. If anyone can find this commercial please send it to me. I think it is great that a company would come out and say exactly what we all think.

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