Froggie gets slain by BOB

I am so pissed off right now. I got in the car to drive home today and instead of sticking in my iPod I decided to turn on Froggie 94.7 and to my dismay I hear “Do Do you love me straight now baby are you gonna love me forever” I change the station turned it back and sure enough NO froggie instead I get BOB the perfect blend. Ya mean perfect Blend of crapp. Erie has to be the worst City in the nation for radio. I am pretty sure classy 100 was already covering this genre of everything. Now there is no oldies station, no alternative station, no rap station (I am not counting pop crap they put on 103.7) All erie has is country out the ass and pop stations. One or two mediocre rock stations. Plus some crap station in Ohio keeps drowning out 95.9 London’s New Rock. Thankfully I live close enough to Meadville to get WUZZ 94.3 in. Pretty soon though I am going to be forced to buy satellite if I want to listen to anything other than my iPod.


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