And so it begins… again.

I have made many forays into blogging and new media without much staying power or success. The difference this time is I have focus. I am finally admitting my status as a geek. I have always hated this term but now have decide to stop fighting it and embrace it. That is not my focus though let me just back track a little.

I have never really known what I wanted to do with myself, in fact really I still don’t but we’ll get to that in a second. If you asked what I was going to do in elementary, I probably would have told play baseball or basketball, middle school probably design computer games. When, it came to start thinking about college though all I knew is that it had to be something with computers. Whatever was new that is what I was into. I was thinking Graphic Design then Computer Science then Multimedia. When started looking into colleges I found real quick no one had a major that fit what I wanted to do. That is when I found the computer Lab at Alfred U. The catch was however the only students allowed into that lab where ART students. Come again the only art class I had ever taken were the mandatory this is the color wheel how to make an ash tray art class everyone has to take at some point along the way. I couldn’t get that lab out of my head though plus the campus as whole was perfect for me. I have never been more focused on a goal before or since as I was to get into Alfred. I started taking drawing lessons and trying desperately to build a portfolio. Luckily Alfred had back door into art school through the Liberal Arts college which meant an extra year of foundation classes. Being art student was a mind open experience for me I had a pretty narrow view of world before that. Upon graduating I lost that focus, moved back in with my parents so I could pay off my loans, and started doing what I thought I was suppose to do rather than what I really wanted to do. Even though I have taken on the more conservative aspect in my life. I have stay up to date through work the technologies, gadgets, and trends. While I’ll always have that conservative streak I am ready to embrace that artistic side I found while I was in college.

So, basically I am going to take advantage of my circumstances and explore all the possibilities of what I can do with the rest of my life. I am single, no children, and once I sell my house no debt and some money to put away. I can’t leave right away though so this blog going to follow me through getting ready for my travels in 2008. Basically Erie is going to be the test grounds for my future endeavors. I am going get involved in the Erie Blogging community, as well as the social scene highlighting everything Erie has to offer. I am also going to post wiki so you can add your two cents as to what you think I should do and keep an eye out for my video blog as well.

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